Nocto’s JK:JA Skinning Tutorial

This tutorial was written many years ago and I have not revised it since it was last published. The purpose of this post is therefore primarily archival.

Nocto Skinning Tutorial

Note: Before we begin, I know that some poeples mix up skinning and modeling. so just to be sure, here is a quick definition of both.
-Modeling is the art of Shaping, creating something in 3D.
-Skinning is the art of painting a model, giving it textures.

Another thing before we begin, the two files below are must-have if you want to skin



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Guide to Beywiki Photography

Sometimes, point-and-shoot photography is not enough to get the image we want. Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile. My goal here is to provide simple tips to improve your photographs and get that extra oomph when showcasing your amazing Beyblades, without having to spend the money a professional studio would. You will still need a decent camera

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