B-57 Triple Booster Set

Box and Stickers


Nova Neptune Vertical Trans


Victory Valkyrie Upper Quake

Chaos Oval Gyro

You can also find my pictures on the Beyblade Wikia.

White Box #3

And here is another new white box, this time in a more portable format. Someone I know bought new shoes recently, and was about to throw away the box when I realized I could use it to make a new, much smaller white box. So I took it, painted the interior with white spray paint, which had been for years lying around in my room. The usual method of taping or gluing printing paper to the inside would also work, but I wanted to try something different. Continue reading

White Box #2

A while back, I decided to trash my previous white box for various reasons. A few days ago, I decided to make a new one. This one is made from a cardboard packing box, which I got at the store I work at, and a dollar store tablecloth, which I cut and attached to the inside with thumbtacks: in sum, a $1 white box, slightly more expensive than the previous one, which was entirely made from recycled material, thus free. The resulting box is more manageable, but less flexible. Still, I have hopes it will perform as well or better than the previous one, even if the light-reflecting panels are no longer adjustable. View Picture

Guide to Beywiki Photography

Sometimes, point-and-shoot photography is not enough to get the image we want. Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile. My goal here is to provide simple tips to improve your photographs and get that extra oomph when showcasing your amazing Beyblades, without having to spend the money a professional studio would. You will still need a decent camera

Continue reading

Boîte à lumière

Pour ceux qui ne sont pas familiers avec le concept, une boîte à lumière sert à diffuser la lumière dans un certain espace. Plus spécifiquement, la boîte utilise des murs de couleur pâle pour réfléchir et amplifier la lumière provenant d’une ou plusieurs sources lumineuses. Son utilité est plus technique qu’artistique, servant généralement à faire des photos qui seront nettes, réalistes et détaillées plutôt que des images créatives. Continue reading

White Box

For those not familiar with the concept, a white box is a structure used to diffuse light within a certain space. Specifically, it uses light-colored surfaces to reflect, and amplify, the light emanating from one or many light sources. Its uses are more technical than artistic, when showing an object in the clearest, most realistic and most detailed fashion is more important than any creative composition. Continue reading