B-57 Triple Booster Set

Box and Stickers


Nova Neptune Vertical Trans


Victory Valkyrie Upper Quake

Chaos Oval Gyro

You can also find my pictures on the Beyblade Wikia.

Bolt Blades #3

I have some parts of the prototype well under way, of which you will find pictures scattered at the end of┬áthis entry. First however, I want to describe what I had envisioned the project to look like and where I’m headed now.

The basic concept hasn’t changed: to make a working, customizable spinning top with the most effective lock mechanism possible. Bolts and nuts are not only common, they’ve proven to be effective, both in real life and in the last Beyblade series. Continue reading

Engine Gears

Engine Gears and Base Clutches are the defining gimmicks of the G and GT series of the original Beyblade toy line, and my personal favourites.

Basically, the Engine Gear is a Spin Gear (the core of the Beyblade, on which every parts connect and on which the launcher tabs hold) powered by a wind-up motor—a set of gears and a coil spring—that when activated, makes the tip at the end of the shaft spin vigorously. Of course, it is not without flaws: Continue reading

Guide to Beywiki Photography

Sometimes, point-and-shoot photography is not enough to get the image we want. Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile. My goal here is to provide simple tips to improve your photographs and get that extra oomph when showcasing your amazing Beyblades, without having to spend the money a professional studio would. You will still need a decent camera

Continue reading