Spin to the First Mail Day: Gearing Up in Canada


I recently got into researching throwing and buying my first throws. In some ways, that interest is simply an extension of my interests for spinning tops–namely Beyblades. Both share quite a few similarites: they’re small, spinning and mechanical, and both can be customized, albeit in different ways. Whereas Beyblade is a game that opposes two players, and as such its customizability is clearly defined and constrained by official releases, yoyos presents itself as an individual skill contest, which allows for broader and more creative, if more subtle modifications.

Getting into throwing in the current Canadian economy can be a daunting process, as the market is not very well developed in the country, whether online or through regular retail. Working against the exchange rate and the limited access to free shipping can be frustrating, especially when you end up paying for an average Duncan Drifter what an American would pay for his excellent YoYoFactory Shutter. However, since we’re not limited to officially yoyo-licensed products, there are alternatives to save a few dollars on throwing gear. Continue reading