White Box #3

And here is another new white box, this time in a more portable format. Someone I know bought new shoes recently, and was about to throw away the box when I realized I could use it to make a new, much smaller white box. So I took it, painted the interior with white spray paint, which had been for years lying around in my room. The usual method of taping or gluing printing paper to the inside would also work, but I wanted to try something different.

This new box has the advantage of being relatively easy to make, and having the ability to be flipped over, depending on the shooting angles you need. It’s also small, with a cover, and so your lamps–if you use any–can be stored inside, so all you need to take your photographs can be easily carried around. This version is again the product of recycled materials which can easily be found.

So, there you have it: a shoe box converted into a white box.



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