Bolt Blades #1

The last Beyblade series of spinning tops (Metal Fight) ended a year and a half ago, and prices for older Blades have suffered from an extreme inflation, reducing to null my Beyblade purchases. I’m also currently discontent with the management at the World Beyblade Organization: My interest for the game has not diminished,  however. It is with that mindset that I have been pondering my own Beyblade design, and with Summer about–removing most of my off-the-clock work–I may actually have time to build a working prototype. The following paragraphs are a written breakdown of the design: there is, as of yet, no sketches or photographs, but that should soon follow.



The core of the design is quite simple, and uses components found in most hardware stores: nuts and bolts. While the design of Metal Fight Beyblades were a bit bland compared to the older tops, especially in the gimmicks department, its locking system was unarguably the best, even if the snap-locked Bottoms were sometimes hit or miss (as were the friction-locked Plastics Attack Rings and HMS Bit Protectors were). The Track was the nut, and the Face was the bolt, with the Metal Wheel held between the two. My design takes it a step further: the whole spinning top becomes the bolt, and its various parts all become nuts.



This is still subject to change, but the nuts and bolts will assuredly be metal, and will most likely make up for most of the spinning top’s weight. As of now, the tip and Attack Ring on the prototype will be made of polymer clay, a material I’ve recently properly discovered. Polymer clay contains PVC, and once cured is rigid, yet somewhat flexible. Proper testing with the prototype will determine its viability, but its shaping and molding properties make it nonetheless a decent choice for the initial steps of creation.


Design and Accessories

I aim to make use of available Beyblade launchers, and HMS launchers, with its sturdy design, dual spin direction, and prong/Bit protector simplicity make them the obvious choice.


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